Connected. Intuitive. Transparent.

A patient-centric software solution for orphan drug commercial success.

Our vision for better Patient Relationship Management.

Every day orphan drug manufacturers work tirelessly to get their products to patients who need them most. Yet, complexity is everywhere. Communication is limited. And data is difficult to capture or analyze.

Imagine a software solution that expedites onboarding, encourages higher adherence and strengthens brand loyalty by putting patients at the center of your commercial strategy.

Therapy breakthroughs need breakthrough software.

A single platform for better connections.

Meet CompassPRM.

We’ve built a software solution that connects everyone from the manufacturer to patient – including providers, care teams and nurses – on a single platform.

Users securely interact through our integrated, transparent, easy-to-use web and mobile applications. And since CompassPRM is developed specifically for your therapy and your brand - you can monitor and manage workflows and logistics efficiently.

Influence the right behaviors at the right time.

Our solution provides value to every stakeholder, helping them do their part in the care continuum by streamlining tasks and sharing critical information. Each action and every behavior playing a critical role in getting patients on your therapy faster, supporting long-term adherence and building strong brand loyalty. You have compliant visibility into it all.



  • Feels connected & educated
  • Understands process
  • Shares & tracks health


  • Automates enrollment
  • Monitors patient care
  • Manages diagnostics/labs
Care Team

Care Team

  • Expedites enrollments
  • Coordinates care
  • Works proactively
Home Health Care

Home Health

  • Secures patient records
  • Supports timely data entry
  • Focuses on patient
Sales Team

Sales Team

  • Tracks journey
  • Analyzes metrics
  • Collaborates in real-time

Find out what a single platform can do for you and your patients.

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More than 158 years improving healthcare

CompassPRM is a Red Arrow Labs product, developed in partnership with an advisory council of pharmaceutical industry leaders and patient advocates.

Red Arrow Labs, a Dohmen company, creates technology that transforms health.  From laboratory testing to high-touch patient drug therapy support services, our software products positively impacts millions of people’s health.

Founded in 1858, Dohmen began as an apothecary, but has evolved to a portfolio of companies, each serving a unique role in pursuit of Dohmen’s vision of creating an efficient, effective and easy to use health experience.  Today, we’re a trusted partner to hundreds of companies - from Fortune 500 to start-up – helping them find efficiencies, obtain more effective health outcomes and improve their customer experience through innovative outsourced services and breakthrough technology innovation.